YES! We will be in Denver for the RWA conference, July 18-21, 2018.

YES! We will be making Flash Drives of all the recorded sessions.

YES! We will have Flash Drives available for you to take home at the conclusion of the conference.

YES! We will have Flash Drives from 2017 available for you to purchase during the conference.

YES! When you register for the conference, you may also pre-order a Flash Drive at a reduced price.

YES! If you’ve pre-ordered a Flash Drive through RWA, we want you to stop by our booth (say “Hello!”) and let us know if you want to pick it up on-site or have it shipped (additional shipping rates may apply).

YES! We’re THRILLED to serve you. This is our 23rd year serving you and RWA!

“At my first RWA conference, I quickly realized that I couldn't possibly attend all of the workshops I wished to. To my delight, the conference recordings by Bill Stephens Productions provide the perfect solution. Listening to talks during my subway commute across town, as I work out, or even while cleaning the apartment, both inspires me and helps me improve my craft. It also gives me a wonderful taste of conference all year round. Fabulous!”

-Katrina Snow