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From single camera shoots to multi-camera productions with image magnification (IMAG), Bill Stephens Productions, Inc., has served the corporate, educational, religious, and trade association industries since 1969. We have an outstanding reputation for high quality, dependability, and budget awareness. Our services are available nationally to meet your needs.

“Just a note to say again how much I enjoyed working with you this year in Chicago and our meeting [on] cables and video screens. You certainly are a professional in your field Bill and our Conventions have been the better for your production input.” – John A. Fauvel, DTM – International President, Toastmasters International


From full concert sound to audio support for small meetings, we have packages to fit all your needs. Additionally, your event can be recorded in audio and/or video on professional, broadcast quality equipment to give your performers and presenters a long lasting record of their participation

“Barbershop Harmony is one of the most difficult forms of entertainment for sound reinforcement and recording. Bill and his staff have done an excellent job for several years reproducing the live sound and recordings we need to maintain the high standards of our society. Not only that, he's dependable, and very pleasant and professional to work with". – Sam Barger – Far Western District, S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A


Small meetings, focus groups and single presentations requiring multiple microphones are easily recorded directly to CD, DVD, or audiocassette for your review and archival purposes. We use a variety of microphones, from discreet, flat table mics (PZMs), and lapel mics, to very directional "shotgun" mics to capture every nuance and spoken word.

“What a treat you were to work with at the convention in Atlanta. I’ve spoken to groups all over North America and a few other places, but I don’t know anyone who’s been more professional, thorough, or prepared in working with a speaker than you were. I’ve made it a habit to always go early to the room I’ll be working in and when I got to the room I was to use in Atlanta, you were already there, set up and ready to go. I was impressed. The quality of the demo you sent me is superb; great lead in, very appropriate music and the picture quality is excellent. Everything about it is first-class. It’s a tape that I’d be honored for anybody to see. I feel like it’s an outstanding representation of the work I do. Thanks for your professionalism…” – Al Walker -- Al Walker & Associates, Inc.


Our experienced sound personnel have worked on numerous video projects including award-winning quality productions on the Discovery Channel. Radio mics, shotgun mics on a boom, and other specialized microphones are available, as well as audio playback for synchronization.

"Patagonia's Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference is an important gathering to help support environmental organizations. Since its inception, we have hired Bill Stephens to provide important audio and video recording and services for our presenters. The permanent record he creates helps us fine tune our program. Not only does Bill's professionalism help things run smoothly, but his sense of fun keeps the participants in a learning mode. Book him early, because this talented professional will be a valuable asset to your conference." – Lisa Pike – Patagonia


With our low-risk program, your performers can purchase audio CDs or video recordings on DVD or VHS for their personal reviewing pleasure and to send to relatives and friends who weren’t able to attend. Pre-performance music editing for dance and musical recitals is also available.

“We love what Bill Stephens Productions does for us: he has videotaped our dance recitals for several years and then makes videos and DVDs for my students to see how well they did. By the comments I receive, I know these videotapes are enjoyed over and over again. His split-screen editing allows us to see what’s happening on the full stage, and at the same time see close-ups of the performers’ smiling faces.  The best part is that they take care of the whole process: they take orders and get the Videos and DVDs out quickly. We provide the entertainment and Bill’s company provides the memories!” – K. Crader – Fascinating Rhythm

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